Radio Frequencies For The Bergen County, New Jersey Area


This list is for anyone interested in listing to police, fire and similar frequencies
(scanning) in the northern New Jersey area (primarily Bergen County). Please use
this list to share not only frequencies of interest, but also to serve as a notification
list for "in progress" events such as working fires, chases, etc. Please DO NOT use
this list to discuss anything illegal, such as monitoring cell frequencies. For now, the
list will be unmoderated, but it will be converted to moderated if necessary
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COMMUNICATING WITH US our E mail address or visit NYDXA Website

During the net each Wednesday night we announce our e-mai, l where listeners who aren' t licensed amateurs can ask questions and contribute information. We' re looking for some pictures of you and or your listening post. For those of you who don' t have the capability of scanning your photo, please drop us an e mail andwe' ll arrange to have it done and return your photo within a few days! Why not print up a copy of thisnewsletter and share it with a friend. Better yet, leave a few copies at your local Radio Shack. The store managers love it as it helps sell scanners! The net meets each Wednesday night at 9:00 pm on the
145.2300 repeater in Manhattan. The repeaters input is -600 khz and uses a PL of 107.2 Scanner listeners need only program in 145.2300. This is part of the N2ROW Linked System
NOTE:In order to view the NYDXA Urban DXer Newsletter you MUST download the Adobe Acrobat Viewer
For more information go to the
NYDXA Website



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