Radio Frequencies For The Bergen County, New Jersey Area


  Rochelle Park

Unit #


Car 1* Police Chief
Car 2* Police Dectective
Cars 4-11* Patrol Cars
330 Fire Chief
F1 Assistant Chief
F2 Battalion Chief
F3 Battalion Chief
F4 Captian
F5 Captian
F6 Lieutenant
F7 Lieutenant
FP1 Fire Official
FP2-FP5 Fire Inspectors
E1 Engine
E2 Engine
T1 Ladder
R1 Rescue
FM-1 Boat
EMS1-EMS2 Ambulances
501 Ambulance Captain
502 Lieutenant
503 Lieutenant

*=These units use the entire id over the radio. For example Car 1 says "Car 1 is in service"

Mutual Aid:  South Bergen
          Central Bergen



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